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"Blaze" Lady ABlaze 2004 AQHA
Blazing Hot x Maker Beautiful

"62" Skips Miss Tiger 1998 APHA
HF Skip The Rest x Zip Me Tigger 

"Zippy" Zippin To The Rhythm 2000 Solid APHA
Zippin x Fantasy Rhythm Bar

"Greeny" The Color Of Invy 2002 AQHA
Green With Invy x Patek Philippe

"Skippa" DTQ Twist It 2004 AQHA
Decks First Winner x Miss Son Dees Twist

"Dynamic" Pretty In The Dark 2002 AQHA
Dynamic In The Dark x Pretty Tuff Silk

"Satin" Rascals Satin Luck 1995 AQHA
JBL Wish Me Luck x Rascals Satin Doll